Camping Grills


Camping Grills

An ideal camping grill is portable, lightweight and small enough to be easily transported and carried. But when it comes to the source of heat or power, there are several options all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

Charcoal Camping Grills

Like their name suggests, charcoal camping grills use charcoal as the source of heat. They are very inexpensive, easy to use and give the food the distinct smoked flavour that makes the camping experience even more enjoyable. Charcoal camping grills can be used to prepare just about all foods including hot-dogs, steaks, vegetables, etc. Their main downside is that they involve the use of open flame which means that they are inconvenient at windy days. Also, they need more time to achieve the proper heat and are not the best choice for quick meals.


Gas Camping Grills

Gas camping grills tend to be slightly more expensive than the models which are powered by charcoal and do not give the food the smoked flavour. However, they reach the proper temperature much faster than their charcoal counterparts and cook food more evenly. With a gas camping grill, you will never get crispy steaks which are red from the inside. Gas-powered camping grills are also less messy than the charcoal-powered versions and can be used in all weather conditions.

Electric Camping Grills

If you prefer to spend your camping vacation in a camp with all the modern amenities including electricity, an electric camping grill is worth considering as well. Again, you will not get the grilled flavour but you will be done with the cooking in no time. In contrary to charcoal- and gas-powered versions, electric camping grills can be used safely both outdoors and indoors in case you own a vacation home.

Infra-red Camping Grills

They are a less common choice but camping grills which use the infra-red energy to generate heat are a great alternative to both charcoal and gas grills. They are very fast, cook the food evenly, use less energy than the traditional grills which translates in lighter fuel-pack and are easy to use in any weather conditions.

Solar Camping Grills

Solar camping grills are relatively new in the grilling market but they are becoming increasingly popular among camping enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals. They use exclusively solar energy to generate heat that is strong enough to cook food. However, they are appropriate only for slow-cooking and need direct sunlight exposure to reach the cooking temperature.